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6 Years ago...

So here we are. 6 years. This day. Every year as it approaches I cannot help to think, feel, and reminisce all that it stands for and encompasses. This day is the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Every year that it gets further out, I can still go right back to where I was that day that the phone rang. A lot has happened since that phone call, years of suffering and pain, years of perspective change and cherished moments. I have learned several things, here are a few of them. 1. Healing is journey. Sometimes a lifetime long journey. 2. Every single one of us will have life interrupted. Everyone at some point will have heartbreak and trauma that in a moment can change everything. 3. You do have a purpose and sometimes the rug pulled out from under you reveals that purpose. 4. I am not my cancer, but that will never mean it's not a huge part of me, and always will be. 5. Today could be your last. So instead of living in fear, appreciate all the good parts and bad parts, just appr…

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