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I am sitting here reflecting on the past year.
Attempting to recall God's goodness to me in all of the seasons I have been in.
Striving to see back a whole year is almost impossible, sometimes all we can recall is God's goodness in just the day.

Reflection needs to happen more than just once a year.

If you expect to just recall on a single day all that there is to consider you will miss so many things.

Two huge "God-sightings" happened yesterday in my life. Answers to prayers, met needs, that only God knew. I see it in my ministry all the time. I had to come home right away and write it in my Journal. I have one for life and one for my work with Radiant Hope. When I see it and when God shows up, I have to write it down. Right in that moment I must give careful consideration and recall even the smallest details. This then helps me grasp the miracle and never miss a moment of God's kindness taking shape as he is working in all the …

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