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He is Bigger than you think

I had to call my six siblings that day, and my parents who were in Germany on a missions trip.  I started with my big brother.  Cancer.  How do you tell the people you love the worst news?  How do you break the hearts that you love with your own story? 
His response
"Jo, God is SO big, and you are so small."
Offended?  No. It was what I knew but was just beginning to live.  God's vastness in EVERYTHING was about to blow up this small little life. 
I am parked on the side of the road right now.  In the middle of this Holy Week. My kids at home on spring break and Kev on his way to work.  We just left a meeting.  And tears of joy started falling too hard to drive.
Then this song came right on as I pulled out of the coffee shop. 
"Come to me In the valley of unknowns You understand me"
A divine appointment.  It was a year ago... We sat around a table of men and women devoting their lives to missions.  Oh so little do we know when we sit at that table.
"What I …

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