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Run the Race

Run that race.
Set the pace. 
Stay in your lane. I love to run. Something happens when the whistle blows, your feet start off, and you get to set your own pace. My pace was usually a sprint to the finish type of run. I'm sure that surprises no one. I was never a marathon type runner, but I have learned recently how to run that race too.  As the fall approaches and life is changing I'm more than ever working towards a goal of staying in the right lane. 

There was a time way back when I ran several events in track. The most memorable was the 4x400 with three of the fastest sisters I’ve met, from inner-city St.Louis, and when you say "run like the wind" you would be talking about them. They astounded me with their composure and natural and graceful ability to "run the race".  It seemed at no effort to them at all. It was strikingly important for us to work up endurance, focus, speed, but most make sure we didn't step out of our lane.


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