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Podcast: Parent Family Solutions


I often share my cancer story and although that encompasses a huge part of who I am today there was 34 years lived before this chapter. Reconnecting with friends that were part of my life before our trauma is healing for me because I see glimpses of what God was doing then and preparing me for now.

I originally didn't reconnect with JD because of Radiant Hope, what he was doing or what I was doing, but we connected because of cancer. After a long heroic battle, his brother was taken by cancer, and with empathy and broken hearts we shared our experiences with this disease together which led to conversations of how to share ways to support those going through what our families had.

John Dennis was a collage friend and he opened up about how he remembers who I was back in that day. It's refreshing to know my personality wasn't changed by trauma, nor were my gifts. Much is different, my heart has changed, and my perspective, but I'm still so much the same Joann…

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