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Another Day

Then you wake up and your life is right back to where you left off. 
Like the day before never even happened. I will not let this take shape. I have to dwell in his abundant grace over my life.  So many answered prayers.  Friends see it, If you prayed... He answered.  This is all the most complex part of walking this journey. Some days are just surreal. 
Yesterday we got such great news. There is no other way to say it, my life is a miracle. My oncologist is so well pleased. She said we "went after it as aggressively as we could have". I told her Dr. S, It's not coming back. She smiled and said, "It's not coming back". She added, "Whatever you are doing keep doing it, it is working." 
I'm not going to see her until October you guys... I never thought this spacing out would start to take shape. We still have to work through all that is good for me while being vigilant, but she's so on top of it. My cancer journey is part of me but fading in the p…

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