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Sometimes good to remember sometimes good to forget

On this day four years ago I woke up and faced what was the most terrifying day of my entire life thus far.

I had been told that the surgery a month earlier plus confirmation through PET imaging revealed cancer that had metastasized into my lymphatic system. I would have what was called a Complete Lymph Node Dissection of my Left Groin Lymph nodes. A surgery that would last upwards of 6 hours with a medical team of over 10 specialist, including the head skin oncology surgeon. They would cut up my leg across my groin to remove all of the lymph nodes and tissue surrounding. It took my doctors and their assistants over an hour to discuss the side effects and complications that this type of surgery would bring to my life. There was no alternative plan or choice.

I woke up on that day, September 19th 2014, and faced to my eyes what seemed impossible. The days following were filled with the most pain I have lived through. Yet, I look back today and see details that were being spun by a God …

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