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Sun protection- Hopeful this helps answer some common questions

I get asked questions about sun protection at least twice a week. If you read over my previous sharing about my skin story you can see how my story is complicated. Often I share of sunscreen and why it is important. Many times we read vitamin D and its safety and necessity. I have struggled with this myself since personally battling vitamin D deficiency. I also am surviving the worst and most deadly skin cancer diagnosis, there is a fine line for what is safe for me. Openly I have shared my story, which is not yours. Nonetheless, I want to inform and help if anyone needs it. So I humbly share as informative. If you ever wanted to talk, I would LOVE to sit down with you.

Skin care has always been something I have been passionate about, dealing with sensitive and eczema, chronic hives and now stage 3 Melanoma the worst and most deadly form a skin cancer.

Since my melanoma diagnosis 3 and a half years ago my passion and knowledge of skin care and sun protection ha…

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