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Welcome to my blog, Walk with Me, originally started as a place to keep family and friends up to date with our cancer journey. Now turned into a thoughtful and encouraging destination that features life experiences, personal stories, holistic wellness, and nontoxic beauty. Without any writing expertise or even interest, this blog journey evolved into an opening up and giving my readers a view into just my life that God is making and molding. 

My hope and intention in writing is to inspire, educate, and share about a life filled with my weakness and God's strength. Spirit filled life stories and victories of healing are parts of the tender writing that has taken over the content. 

My prayer is that this blog of my walk with cancer and through life, will encourage others to see HOPE in their struggles too.  I want to faithfully live out my purpose with every day left that I have been blessed with. I want the world to know and see in me all that God is doing.

A little about me in case you are jumping right in. I'm a wife to Kevin, and mommy to my 4 littles that I love more than anything. I'm a daughter, sister, friend, superb volunteer, and business owner. I was diagnosed with Metastatic Malignant Melanoma on August 7th 2014. I had 2 major surgeries, removing the melanoma with a wide local excision and then a complete lymph node dissection of my left groin.  As if that wasn't traumatic enough I went through 8+ months of weekly, rigorous, debilitating treatment.  I never thought I would be the person to share about my life. To vulnerably open up about how hard it is to face some days, but humbly here I am. I trust God has given me a story to share. I cannot keep it to myself. Cancer survivorship is a lifetime endeavor, and everyday is a gift. In this place and in my life I will use the breath God gives me to glorify him, to share my story, and encourage others with HOPE.


  1. Oh my gosh it is melanoma! That is what I am fearing for right now as I wait for further results! I hope you saw my other comment before this one....I just can't believe the similarities we have...I got my scary news and decided to start a blog called "Walk With Me" and you had already done the exact same thing! Wow...I'd really love/appreciate being able to talk with you about how you first found your disease and how you dealt with that. If you do not want to talk further about it, I completely understand. I will just leave my email just in case, ok?

  2. I got to your page via Carolyn Dando....I know there is no comparison, but I have chronic lyme. I have used herbs--both under the direction and after I was cut loose from an integrative medicine practice. I have used herbal reference by Buhner of natural antibiotics (he's a spiritual fruitcake, but his protocol worked for me) , frankincense and tea tree oils, and Shaklees nutriferon (this is the only play you can get interferon OTC--same dr designed it as the interferon you may have had as part of your cancer treatment). If you want more information about what I have done to try to bolster my immune system, I can share. But I don't presume to have the answer and know what I have walked is so insignificant compared to what you have walked. But I did not want to not say anything and something I knew to have been something that would help you.


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