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Pain to Purpose

  Over the past several months I have had the privilege to take this amazing course called Pain to Purpose. It was a couple years ago that I first started following Davey and his wife and their incredible story that birthed a ministry that had encouraged me on my own journey. After talking with Davey and sharing my story on his podcast I joined his amazing team to start and create community through our struggles. I am a community group leader for their cancer and cancer care-taker groups. You can find and join those links here:  Cancer Community Group In September I was asked by Davey and his team to join in with a group of some of those most encouraging, God-following, and extremely inspiring people to become a certified guide and come along side others in the Pain to Purpose course Davey created after his own story.  Friends, this course is life changing. I don't just say that. I mean that. I spent long hours listening, praying, and myself rediscovering all that I have been throu

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