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40 years

  As I step into what then next many grace filled years will hold I have compiled a list of 40 for the most important things in life to know: 1. You're not in charge 2. If you're breathing you have purpose 3. People will come and go, but the ones God's given you today are a gift.  4. God answers every prayer 5. Its not about what we have but about what we give away  6. You are actually given more than you can handle 7. Passion is not a personality 8. Hope is a person 9. You're only expected to take the next best step 10. Kids grow up faster than you can blink 11. Pray often 12. This earth is not your home 13. It's ok to cry 14. Living in the country is better than living in the city 15. God is good 16. Life is better together 17. Reading isn't overrated 18. Exercise is the best medicine  19. No Reserves, No retreats, No regrets 20. Less is more 21. You will never save enough money, you will never have enough money, and you can't take it with you 22. Raising

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