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I was featured in Hope Has Arrived website last month and wanted to share it here too! Check out their other stories for inspiration and encouragement!  LINK TO ARTICLE ON HOPE HAS ARRIVED WEBSITE   An Unexpected Gift How a timely cancer care package gave a melanoma survivor hope and the vision to start His Radiant Hope. Joanna Dennstaedt, melanoma survivor It all started with an anonymous cancer care package—a simple act that gave me hope in a dark season and helped change the trajectory of my life. A stranger, states away, made a deliberate choice to step into my pain and encourage me with an unexpected gift. My overwhelming life Back in 2014, and I was living the mom life, raising four kids under the age of seven with my husband, Kevin, while also working as an assistant lacrosse coach at a nearby university. What I thought was a super overwhelming life was nothing compared to the super overwhelming life I was about to live. Getting the call Following the removal of a suspicious mol

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